Remote Care Partners

(RCP) is a new company founded by a leading health care technology services firm (MessagePro) and revenue assurance and management company (Hive) to assist healthcare organizations in delivering, managing, and billing for new out-of-the-office healthcare programs, primarily for Medicare in 2020.

Why Now?

  • Health care is changing rapidly, and for good reasons
  • Patients can dramatically improve their health outcomes with sustained management, intervention, and monitoring while reducing overall costs
  • Payers including Medicare are adopting new programs rapidly to encourage out of office patient management by physicians and other health care organizations
  • Regulatory changes plus advanced new communications technologies make this possible and at scale
  • Other payers are following suit

Participants in the ecosystem can generate exceptional returns on invested capital along with alliance partners (that’s you!)

Medicaid and private payers are also developing programs to address the needs of patients while also driving new efforts to reduce overall health costs with early detection, on-going patient engagement, and using the latest technologies (bluetooth, microprocessor powered health devices, always on and almost always available wireless data networks, and cloud computing).

RCP provides a platform for health care organizations with very little effort to adopt both CCM and RCM and to build significant new revenue streams without adding to the workdays, patients actually visiting the office, or new patients.