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    Ok, you’re ready to set up your account. It’s just a few short screens and you can make changes at anytime, add numbers, users, and more. So here we go.

    Most companies appoint a single administrator to oversee the account and make changes. This person also receives the monthly summary reports of text activity with MessagePro.

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    ** Note:
    For accounts that only have one phone number, there will be no per number charges. If there is more than one number then for additional exisiting number & for additional new numbers will be applicable.

        • Administrator Set Up
        • • Size Message Pool, Users, and Phone Numbers (existing plus new phone numbers)
        • • File Import of Existing Phone Numbers into System (we’ll do it for you)
        • • Custom Billing Processes (credit card, direct, regional office)
        • • Custom Quote
        • • Letter of Authorization
        • • Terms of Service
        • • Setting Up Contacts (Employee Lists, key contacts) that can be share on all numbers
        • • Tour of System
        • • Setting Up Keywords and Auto-replies for inbound texts
        • • Review Reports
        • If you would provide the following information, it would assist us significantly:

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