Solutions For The Messaging-First World

MessagePro services are fully supported by simple yet powerful user interfaces and also can be accessed via APIs. Get it all in one place, integrated, using MessagePro.

Business SMS – Secure Messaging – Interactive Messaging – BOTS – Scheduled Messaging


MessagePro can text enable your landline business phone numbers. Manage MessagePro from any PC, tablet, or smart phone. Set up in minutes.


Many organizations need secure text messaging. MessagePro Secure works on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices and is fully encrypted. Search tools to find any message instantly. Collaborate with easy to use one-to-one video, audio, and screen sharing.


Often used for telehealth and customer surveys, MessagePro can automatically connect with consumers via voice calling, text messaging, and email. Easy to use scripting, instant analysis of responses and routing options, and great reports. Huge ROI for healthcare organizations


Messaging is the dominant means of communicating today.  Do it right—get the tools and expertise you need with MessagePro.

MessagePro delivers great results and when integrated into your business processes can revolutionize how you communicate with customers, employees, and other associates.  Everything is logged and is searchable—no more hunting for old messages.

Feel free to reach out to MessagePro’s professionals.  We work with clients in diverse industries and our experience is often as helpful as our cloud based messaging services.

Download MessagePro Office For Android

Use MessagePro Services to Meet Your Needs

  • MessagePro Office (texting) uses your existing phone numbers and makes texting as easy as email

  • MessagePro Secure provides encrypted communications usable on any device

  • MessagePro Appointments will deliver messages and responses pursuant to schedules

  • MessagePro Interactive Messaging is used for telehealth and surveys and can interact via automated voice calls or texting

  • MessagePro Campus includes all functions of MessagePro Secure and is designed for campus environments including full emergency alert capabilities

  • MessagePro GoSolo is a virtual phone system for very small business and entreprenuers or small offices and remote workers

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