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Send SMS & MMS As Simple As Email From Any DeviceCreate Lists Of Supporters Through Subscriptions By TextingUse Our Encrypted Message System To Communicate With Your StaffCloud-Based Fax Service, Easy To Use And Great LoggingAll-In-One App For Your Phone System, Perfect For Rally Tours

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Add texting to your campaign communications tools and open a new communication channel for your potential voters and contributors. Invite them to join your campaign by simply texting some keyword to your phone number. You can get local and 800 numbers or use your current phone number.

Send and receive SMS and MMS as easy as e-mail from any mobile, tablet, laptop or PC, perfect to be on the go. Studies show that 95% of people read text messages within 15 minutes of receipt, making MessagePro Office a game-changer for any organization. Additional features include logging, reporting, and, automatic replies. Amazingly inexpensive!





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Twitter and Facebook are useful tools, as is email, but MessagePro Office allows us to build contact lists that we alone control, and it’s essentially a private channel between the campaign and its supporters. We use the list capabilities extensively to send schedules and more to those interested.

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Automatic reminders via voice, text or e-mail

Organizations need to communicate quickly… but also secure. MessagePro Secure is an excellent tool for the communication among your campaign staff. This app provides you with the immediacy of texting but also they have more security thanks to its encryption. It includes calls and video calls, fast file transfer, user management and a great and fast search function. LEARN MORE

All-In-One Communications For Your Campaigns

For smaller offices or staff, MessagePro GoSolo provides an office number with a professional auto-attendant for call routing without installing a phone system. Your campaign members can keep connected wherever they are getting every inbound call, sending or receiving texts and faxes, or adding extensions for other collaborators.LEARN MORE

Send and receive texts using your business phone numbers on any device

Easily connect with any supporter or collaborator using MessagePro Office

Send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your computer or mobile devices. Send texts as easily as you do e-mail using your main business phone numbers instead of personal cell phone numbers. LEARN MORE

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