Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MessagePro
Do I need to use MessagePro for my phone service?
Will I have to "port" my number or change voice carriers to use the MessagePro service landline text capability?
What sender information do recipients see on my outgoing texts?
Will recipients need to download an app to see my texts?
Can I receive text replies to my landline number?
Can employees send and receive messages from home and work?
Do you support texting from toll free numbers?
Does the MessagePro service offer access to "short code" origination?
Do you support auto-reply options?
Does MessagePro service support SMS chat?
What is the difference between SMS and MMS messages? Can I send both?
How can I attach a picture to a text message?
How do you count messages?
If I don't use all my message credits, can I roll them over to the next month?
How do I set up daily/weekly/monthly reports?
How can I upload contacts?
Contact Creation & Upload options
Is there a limit on the number of contacts that may be stored?
How can I edit/delete contacts after they are entered?
Are my contact lists secure?
Can I export contacts?
Does MessagePro service provide an API interface?
Can MessagePro service interface with my Facebook account?
Do you filter for landline telephone numbers?
Which web browsers are supported by MessagePro service?
How do I download the software for MessagePro service?
What applications/services does MessagePro integrate with?
Does MessagePro service provide global SMS coverage?
What are the first steps?
How do I get my Contacts loaded into MessagePro?
Can I access MessagePro service from my PC? Smart Phone? Tablet?
Can I send a single SMS to more than one number at the same time?
How quickly are my message delivered?
What are "keywords" and how are they used?
How do I edit a keyword?
What does each delivery status mean?
What are the most likely reasons for messages to fail?
If a message fails because of network congestion, does MessagePro try to re-send the message? If so, how long between retry attempts?
Will I be charged for undelivered messages?
How many characters can I include in a text message?
Can I send text messages containing emojis?
Does MessagePro support a customizable signature for my text messages?
Can I save a draft message? How?
How do I create and use a message template?
How long do you keep my messages?
How can I tell if someone has "opted out?"
Are there any restrictions on message content?
Are there any restrictions on the time of day that messages can be delivered?
Can I remove the "Reply STOP to opt-out" portion of a text?
What are the limits on the number of messages that may be sent?
How can I check my usage?
What is the charge for reply messages?
Can I change to a different service package?
Can I cancel my account at any time?
What is your refund policy?
Is electronic billing required?
Will I still receive an invoice?
What taxes are applied?
We are a tax-exempt organization. How do I exempt tax charges?
What are the regulatory fees for MessagePro service?
Does MessagePro support STOP and UNSUBSCRIBE requests?
Is MessagePro service linked to public "Do Not Call" lists?
Is MessagePro's service HIPAA compliant?
Will MessagePro execute a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for the provision of MessagePro service?
Can I send protected health information (PHI) via the MessagePro service?
How do I reach the Customer Care team?
How do I receive support? Where do I send billing inquiries?
Our free US based support is available to you via three channels: We will respond to all customer service queries by close of the next business day.