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Business Texting During The Pandemic to hold and build customer loyalty

COVID-19 is once again on the rise. There are many opinions about how much businesses should be communicating with customers at this unprecedented time. When COVID-19 first hit, inboxes were often packed with “Our Response To COVID-19” emails.  Some companies continued with regular updates, others sent their initial email (or sent nothing at all) and then went silent, feeling that many of these emails would be ignored in the flood of similar communications. Business Texting during the pandemic is an effective way to get updates and information to your clients, without getting lost in all those emails.

A global study, Don’t Stop, The Future is Now, released by Media Frenzy Global in partnership with Arlington Research shows 31% of U.S. consumers worry businesses who fail to share company news or content during the pandemic are in financial trouble and because of this will likely not spend money with them!

Many large companies have already filed for bankruptcy during the pandemic as they continue to lose customers. There is a running list over at Cheapism of companies that have filed already and the names include Hertz, Pier 1, J. Crew, Neiman Marcus, and more.

Keep Communicating With Your Customers

The important takeaway from this study is that you should continue to communicate with your customers.  Also, you should actually step-up the frequency of that communications. Business Texting during the pandemic is an effective way to reach your customers.  Even better, your message will not get lost in their email inbox.

The open rate for text messages is 98%. Email open rates are about 22%.

If you do not have a Business Texting platform in place, now is the time to start.  If you have a platform selected, you need to continue or even step-up your business texting during the pandemic.

What Do Tell Them In A Time Of Crisis

If restrictions have completely shut you down during the pandemic, a text message from you letting them know you are anxiously waiting to reopen can help build customer loyalty. As restrictions are lifted, you can inform customers of your reopening schedule through texting.

If you are still offering service with limited capacity or offering curbside pick-up, you let them know. A “curbside special” is a great reason to send a text to all your customers.

Keep in touch with your customers with business texting during the pandemic. Let them know you are surviving and ready to serve them now or in the future.

Many businesses are finding innovative ways to apply business texting during the pandemic to their operations. To find more ideas, please visit us at

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