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Texting is the most timely way to communicate with individuals and groups and therefore is a perfect way of communication to contact security employees when an certain event requires their presence. On many occasions, these workers don’t spend their day only in one space, so it will be perfect to be able to locate them anywhere sending them both SMS or MMS from any device. For them it is also very useful, because thanks to the creation of lists, they could send the same text message to groups of coworkers or to the whole company staff at the same time.





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Security is so time-sensitive and our employees are spread over multiple locations.  Even in our larger facilities, it’s still challenging to reach everyone instantly. We know that our employees always have their mobile phones with them—and texting is the best way to reach them no matter where they are. So we’re a very happy MessagePro Office customer—we can instantly connect with individuals, groups, or the entire employee base. It really is an essential tool—not optional.

Al GonzalesDirector of Security

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Powerful encrypted messaging with emergency alerts

For large companies or those ones with different work centers, MessagePro Campus emergency alert system can be a great help for the security team. This encrypted messaging app allows any user to immediately notify suspicious or emergency activities to the rest users only clicking a button, and even it allows to call 911 directly. LEARN MORE

Send and receive texts using your business phone numbers on any device

Easily connect with any coworker or customer using MessagePro Office

Send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your computer or mobile devices. Send texts as easily as you do e-mail using your main business phone numbers instead of personal cell phone numbers. LEARN MORE

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