Texting: A Fast Way To Communicate With Your Team & ContributorsText Messages Just Like Email Using Your Main Phone NumbersUse Lists To Contact Groups For Announcements, Newsletters...Great Logging, Reporting And Message Search

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Text-enable your business phone numbers and open a new communications channel for customers and prospects. Take advantage of the growing popularity of text messaging. Send and receive SMS/MMS (text, pictures, video, documents) using MessagePro Office from any PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone! Studies show that 95% of people read text messages within 15 minutes of receipt, making MessagePro a game-changer for any organization. Additional features include logging, reporting, and, automatic replies. Amazingly inexpensive! Click here for Free Trial.





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Texting is the most important communications tool we have at our organization. We coordinate our activities every day with volunteers and those we serve. MessagePro supports lists make it even faster. 90% of text messages are answered within 15 minutes.

Our donors like seeing pictures of what we do from time to time and it’s a great way to get them to visit our site and share our story with their friends and family.

MessagePro Fax is also useful—we get a log of all pages and can easily share faxes without printing them out or having volunteers drop by the office.

Bobby MDirector of Communications

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Cloud-based Fax service

There are companies that are still heavy users of fax and MessagePro Fax can advance your capabilities while lowering your costs (and you can keep your fax machine if you’d like). Instantly send and receive faxes from your PC or any mobile smart device. Great logs insure you never miss a fax page. LEARN MORE

Send and receive texts using your business phone numbers on any device

Easily connect with everybody using MessagePro Office

Send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your computer or mobile devices. Send texts as easily as you do e-mail using your main business phone numbers instead of personal cell phone numbers. LEARN MORE

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