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MessagePro Office is a great tool for all sales—texting adds a personal element to the sales process without isolating the data on employee phones. Change your contact details on all literature, business cards, web sites, advertisements, and signs to invite inbound texting. You can easily send and receive both SMS and MMS, with images and document from any device: smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC…

Create lists to classify your clients or potential customers, to send text messages quickly to groups with the same interests. You can also capture easily customers’ phone number in its contact agenda and access to a great logging and reporting of messages.





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Texting is a great addition for any salesperson. MessagePro’s versatility in handling automatic replies, managing message flows, and assignments of personnel to specific phone numbers provided the flexibility we needed. Texting often gets immediate responses and more easily leads to phone calls, making it indispensable for sales work.

We are working with MessagePro on integration with our CRM solution. I prefer to be able to review the sales team’s text interactions with their clients and prospects. When our sales team is using their personal cell phones and their own text messaging, I never see it. Now I can easily see how things are going.

John WindGeneral Manager

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Send and receive texts using your business phone numbers on any device

Easily connect with any client using MessagePro Office

Send and receive SMS and MMS messages from your computer or mobile devices. Send texts as easily as you do e-mail using your main business phone numbers instead of personal cell phone numbers. LEARN MORE

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