80% Of Customers Love Getting A Text Message From Where They Shop

Retail expert Erin Sykes discusses that 80% Of Customers Love Getting A Text Message From Where They Shop and that Curbside Pickup Is Here To Stay Businesses that have adapted to meet their customers where they are are thriving. Those that…
Business Texting

Business Texting During The Pandemic - Do Not Go Silent

Business Texting During The Pandemic to hold and build customer loyalty COVID-19 is once again on the rise. There are many opinions about how much businesses should be communicating with customers at this unprecedented time. When COVID-19 first…
Curbside Pickup


The COVID-19 pandemic as made curbside Pickup a regular part of many business operations. Find out the pitfalls and solutions for managing this new queue.

Big Advances in Technology, Communications Capabilities, and Payer Interest Driving Remote Care Health Care Models

Every healthcare organization is pressed to improve communications with patients, both person to person communications, but increasingly too, to directly acquire data from devices in patient homes. Medicare in January of 2019 now permits remote…
Impatient Customer On The Phone

The Impatient Customer And Business Texting

The Culture of Impatience The growing culture of impatience and instant gratification continues to impact every business. It doesn’t matter if you are in retail, a service business, or provide a support service. Increasingly, customers want…
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Harry Brelsford of SMB Nation Interviews Mark Herring at #ITEXPO

SMB Nation is a publishing and events company, targeted at the small and medium business (SMB) channel partner/reseller/consulting/VAR community. SMB Nation spreads the knowledge of SMB technology trends through its conferences, books, SMB PC…
Messaging and Health Care

Four Ways Health Care Organizations Can Meet New Demands With Advanced Messaging Capabilities

The Impact Of An Aging Population The average age of the US Population continues to rise. A recent report by the Population Reference Bureau titled “Aging in the United States” examines how boomers born between 1946 and 1964 will reshape…

MessagePro Announces API and White Label Availability

Text Enablement Is Growing Organizations of all types are embracing messaging not just to support internal needs but increasingly to serve clients, associates, and prospects. You can now text-enable your business phone numbers in just a few…

Texting Rather Than Talking: Insight from USA Today

Much of our marketing material features the phrase, “Studies show that people would rather text than talk.” We also use this as a conversation starter during sales presentations, with many people wondering why and how this pattern has come…

SMS and Secure Messaging: The digital health tools of the century

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SMS and Secure Messaging are having an incredible impact on both hospitals and home health care providers. “The digital health tool of the century is SMS,” said Shahid Shah, a health IT consultant. “We know that digital health tools,…