Text-Based Customer Service

Text-Based Customer Service Is For Companies of All Sizes

There is no doubt that we society is moving quickly to a “Message First” communications model.  In the past, where you would just pick up up the phone and call someone or email them to let them know that you wanted to speak with them. Now communication often starts with a “Are You There” text message or through an application like Slack, WhatsApp, or WeChat. It is pervasive in personal communications, has become commonplace in business. Text-based customer service is now working its way contact center as well.  Take a look at these statistics:

  • More than 50% of consumers would rather text for customer support than call if given the option between the two. That would seem like a given, considering how much we all hate sitting on hold waiting.
  • Only 30% of consumers report actually receiving texts from the companies they patronize, despite stating that they would be open to receiving them.
  • 64% of consumers are likely to perceive a company contacting them by text in a positive light, according to Harris Interactive. The more positive the impression of your company, the more likely they’ll buy from you, or recommend you to friends and family.

The cover story in Customer Relationship Management for December is about the use of Messaging Apps for text-based customer service. Using messaging for customer service not only improves the customer experience but is also great for agent productivity.

Benefits for both Customers and Agents

In the article, Meredith Flynn-Ripley, vice president of mobile message at Salesforce.com states, “Messaging apps are a natural extension of how customers are already communicating every day, so it’s an effortless and seamless experience from their perspective.”

Ajit Ghuman, director of product marketing at customer support software company Helpshift, says that for the consumer, “the benefits boil down to the user-friendliness of the channel. Consumers can easily converse back and forth with an agent without having to either go through lengthy email exchanges or complex web portals, resulting in quicker response times.”

For agents, experts say that the main benefit is the ability to manage multiple inquiries simultaneously.  “Agents can better handle and resolve customer support issues quickly.  Asynchronous messages allow agents to handle seven to ten conversations at the same time,” Flynn-Ripley says.

No App Necessary For Text-Based Customer Service

The article is focused on the large call centers, where the messaging component is built into the agent portal.  However, small business with a number of “multi-tasking” employees serving as the customer service department can achieve these same benefit. They can offer text-based customer service with an application like MessagePro Office.

MessagePro Office enables even the smallest company to offer support via texting.  It takes just two easy steps.  First, SMS the main company telephone number with MessagePro. Second, employees download the MessagePro Office App for their mobile device.  They can also log in from any web-browser.

When someone sends a text message from their mobile device, it can be seen and fielded by any of the employees who are logged in. They can respond with text and include pictures. The application can even be set-up to auto-respond based on keywords like directions, hours, or specials.

With MessagePro office, you get all the benefits of a message-enabled customer support center.  Even better, you can get those benefits with little expense. You can find out more about MessagePro office here.

Podcast: MessagePro delivers needed solutions and opportunities to cloud market

Mark Herring, MessagePro VP of Business Development at MessagePro was recently interviewed by Editor & Publisher of Telecom ResellerDoug Green.

Mark and Doug discuss many of the benefits and features of MessagePro Office, MessagePro Secure, and other products in the MessagePro portfolio.  They also review a number of industry-specific use cases.  Mark also talks about our recent announcements with  Intelisys and Convey.  He also reviews many of the benefits any company can expect by becoming a MessagePro Partner.  For more info on becoming a MessagePro Partner, go to www.messagepro.com/partners.

Long Code

Definition: Long Code

What is a Long Code?

A Long Code is a standard phone number that is used to send and receive SMS and MMS messages. In countries that use the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) a long code is 10 digits.  The number of digits in a long code will vary by country where they are not using the NANP.

A long code is what most of us use when sending messages from our mobile devices to other people’s personal mobile devices. This is called P2P (person-to-person/peer-to-peer) messaging.

Is There Another Way To Send Messages?

There is another form of messaging called A2P (application-to-person) messaging.  This is where the messages originate from a computer system, rather than from a personal mobile device that communicates over the mobile network and has a SIM card. A2P services can use either long codes or short codes to send and receive messages.

The Rules for Long Codes

There are different technologies and regulations for sending messages depending on whether you are using a long code or a short code.

For example, when sending with a long code, the sender is limited to 1 message per second. Automated systems that use short codes can send up to 100 messages per second.  There are also many different rules regarding Spamming and Phishing sending SMS messages. The rules are different whether messages are sent using long codes or short codes.

Why Use a Long Code?

It is easier and less expensive to set-up long codes than short codes. Also, less restrictive opt-in policies allow you to leverage more of your customer database.

Perhaps the best reason for using a long code is marketing. Your main telephone number can be used as a long code when using a service like MessagePro Office. Therefore, you can send a receive text message and voice calls using the same number. This is great for branding, and also removes the need for your company to send and receive text messages from personal mobile devices.

You manage text messages more like emails when using the MessagePro Office. You or any authorized employee can access text messages via any web browser or through the MessagePro mobile app. Messages are not stuck on your phone or the phone any individual employee.  MessagPro can also be set-up with autoresponders so that it is quick and easy to answer frequently asked questions.

Try MessagePro Office for Free

You can sign-up for a free MessagePro Office account here.

Convey Adds MessagePro Text Messaging Platform to the Channel Accelerator Program

Agents & Sales Partners in the Telecom/Cloud Channel Can Now Sell MessagePro Office  Using Pre-Populated Conduct Email Campaigns

Tampa, Florida – August 14, 2018 — MessagePro, the industry-leading business texting platform, today announced that Convey Services has added MessagePro Office to their portfolio of Channel Accelerator products available to the over 20K sales partners in the Convey Network of Telecom/Cloud master agents and resellers.

MessagePro Office allows businesses to easily send and receive text messages directly from their desktops, smartphones, or tablets. Communicating via text is as easy as sending or receiving an email. In addition, MessagePro can text-enable any existing business phone number or 800 number without changing carriers or installing new equipment.

“More businesses today want to communicate via text because it reaches the client or prospect directly and connects immediately with a focused message,” said Gregg Smith, President of MessagePro. “The MessagePro platform enables a business to send and receive text messages easily, without hardware or training in a completely automated process. Our partnership with Convey extends our ability to reach a sales partner’s customers so they can offer the business benefits of using MessagePro to improve their communication.”

“MessagePro is a strong addition to our growing Channel Accelerator portfolio because it enables any business to receive text messages from customers or deliver texts as a marketing outreach strategy,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Convey. “The new Conduct Campaign technology allows telecom/cloud sales partners to solicit their customers for a free 30-day trial of MessagePro, have the customer sign up through an automated portal, and convert that customer into a paid subscription. The process is convenient, easy and fully automated. Every sales agent can launch their own email campaign and generate revenue without ever having to engage their client on the product.”

For more information about MessagePro Office and the entire suite of MessagePro solutions, visit https://www.messagepro.com/products/office/

About Convey

Convey is a revenue accelerator in industries that sell services through indirect sales channels by connecting vendors to sales partners and sales partners to their customers.  Convey facilitates these connections through content and marketing portal networks for master agencies and distributors educating and engaging sellers and automating how sellers engage their customers, create calls to action, and deal flow.  Convey launched its first Channel Program in 2014 to master agents and their suppliers in the telecom/cloud industry and then to insurance master agency networks. Platform as a Profit Center launched to the foodservice industry in 2015. The Conduct Campaign Management technology, embedded in the Convey portals, launched in 2018 to empower sellers to run email marketing campaigns that are pre-created and automated.

For information visit www.conveyservices.com, info@conveyservices.com or call 888-975-1382.

About MessagePro

MessagePro (www.messagepro.com)  delivers a suite of Messaging-centric applications and services that allow employees and clients to stay better connected in real-time.  Solutions are delivered both through standard connections and using secure and encrypted over-the-top technology that is HIPAA and FINRA compliant.  MessagePro features vertical solutions for medical, dental, law, financial, billing, insurance, human resources, real estate and hospitality companies. Solutions are also available for entrepreneurs, sales organizations, the SMB market, and a growing number of vertical market segments. MessagePro provides complete communications solutions as well as text enablement of any telephone number.

Slack and Atlassian

Slack and Atlassian – The Messaging Space Just Got A Bit Smaller

Last week, Slack announced that it is acquiring rival chat/messaging software programs HipChat and Stride from Atlassian Corp. This kind of M&A activity is not unexpected as the industry continues to grow and moves from being an SMB focuses product towards something that an enterprise with many hundreds or thousands of employees utilize. It is very similar to what is happening in other SaaS markets. Hosted PBX, Unified Communications as a Service, and Communications Platform as a Service markets have all gone through lots of M&A as they have matured. In this case, Slack acquires customers, marketing share, some technology.  They also remove a competitor from the landscape as it prepares to battle with Microsoft and their Teams product.

What does this mean to the rest of us?

For those of us not participating in the battle of the behemoths but still use or provide messaging products, this doesn’t mean much. Smaller providers will continue to be nimble, with the ability to be more responsive to customer needs. We will continue to provide new and innovative features. We will meet our customer demands long in advance of these giant companies. For example, MessagePro began adding HIPAA compliant features long in advance of Slack. In fact, Slack did not add these features, but ( according to https://www.compliancejunction.com/slack-hipaa-compliant/) instead released a new product called Slack Enterprise Grid using an entirely new code base. So other than sharing the name, it really isn’t Slack at all.

Fewer Choices

For those who might be using these products, it just means less choice.  Taking out a competitor is good for Slack. “There’s fewer choices for people,” said Stewart Butterfield, co-founder chief executive officer of Slack Technologies Inc.

Moving Forward

The M&A and high corporate drama will continue. In the meantime, we will continue to listen to customers so that we can develop the innovative features you need. We also provide the expertise and personal service you need to best deploy products to meet your needs.
Please visit https://www.messagepro.com/products/secure/ to learn more.

Intelisys Signs Supplier Partnership Agreement With MessagePro

Intelisys Signs Supplier Partnership Agreement With MessagePro

Sales Partners Gain Immediate Ability To Resell MessagePro Office And Other MessagePro Applications

MessagePro, a provider of Messaging-centric applications and services, announces that it is now a Supplier Partner of Intelisys, a ScanSource company, and the nation’s leading technology services distributor. Intelisys sales partners can now offer MessagePro Office as well as other MessagePro applications to their clients.

MessagePro Office allows businesses to easily send and receive text messages right from their desktops, smartphones, or tablets. Communicating via text is as easy as sending or receiving an email. In addition, MessagePro can almost instantly text enable any existing business phone number, without changing carriers or installing new equipment.

Benefits To Intelisys Sales Partners

“Adding new suppliers to our portfolio is about adding innovation and new value to our sales partners that they can then offer to their own customers. MessagePro Office, along with the rest of the MessagePro Application Suite, delivers on this objective,” said Andrew Pryfogle, Senior Vice President, Cloud Transformation, for Intelisys. “MessagePro Office delivers a more seamless customer experience by enabling existing, familiar business telephone lines to be text capable, thereby opening additional, preferred communication options and, ultimately, a better engagement. This service will be an excellent addition to our sales partners’ customer conversations.”

“Every day, we see more consumers wanting to communicate with businesses via text. To do business in 2018, every business needs a solution in place to manage texting,” said Gregg Smith, President of MessagePro. “In addition to the basics provided by MessagePro Office, MessagePro offers an entire suite of messaging solutions, including Secure Messaging, fax, appointment reminders, surveys, interactive messaging primarily for care management in health care, and campus security applications. Message Throttling Opt-In/Opt-Out management and many other features are all delivered in a sleek user interface across all applications and devices.”

For more information about MessagePro Office and the entire suite of MessagePro solutions, visit https://www.messagepro.com/products/office/

About Intelisys

Intelisys, a ScanSource company, is the nation’s leading Technology Services Distributor of business communications services, including voice, data, access, cable, collaboration, wireless and cloud. Intelisys is dedicated to one thing – serving the needs and accelerating the success of the industry’s top producing telecom sales agents, IT Solution Providers, VARs, MSPs, and integrators, as they leverage the power of recurring revenue in their businesses.

Today Intelisys is leading the way as its Sales Partners make the pivot and experience the shift away from traditional telco services into a new era of cloud-based solutions. Under contract with more than 160 of the world’s leading telecom carriers, cloud services providers and technology partners, Intelisys delivers the services end users demand exclusively through a network of Sales Partners, supporting those Sales Partners via the most exceptional back office support team ever assembled in the channel. To learn more, visit www.Intelisys.com or talk to Intelisys at 800-615-8330.

Intelisys was acquired by ScanSource, a leading global provider of technology products and solutions, in August of 2016. www.scansource.com

Connect with Intelisys: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Blog

About MessagePro

MessagePro (www.messagepro.com)  delivers a suite of Messaging-centric applications and services that allow employees and clients to stay better connected in real-time.  Solutions are delivered both through standard connections and using secure and encrypted over-the-top technology that is HIPAA and FINRA compliant.  MessagePro features vertical solutions for medical, dental, law, financial, billing, insurance, human resources, real estate and hospitality companies. Solutions are also available for entrepreneurs, sales organizations, the SMB market, and a growing number of vertical market segments. MessagePro provides complete communications solutions as well as text enablement of any telephone number.

MessagePro Announces Immediate Availability of MMS Messaging

MessagePro announces the immediate availability of MMS messaging. Easily send and receive documents, pictures, videos, and more, via text message.

MMS Messaging Improves Business Processes

MessagePro MMS is a game-changer for business sales and operations. Our intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to attach photos, videos, or almost any type of document to your text messages. In short, MessagePro helps improve your efficiency and provides documentation for your business.

Take this example of a construction firm that sends job-site photos via MMS to their home office at the start and end of day. Using MessagePro, their staff easily imports the photos into their job tracking system. Similarly, a restaurant sends coupons, menus, or specials via MMS to attract new customers. Likewise, realtors use MMS to instantly and automatically reply to clients’ text inquiries with property summaries.

MessagePro Office includes intuitive user interfaces for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Use the MessagePro Office application to send and receive SMS or MMS messages with your business or residential phone numbers.

Other Improvements And Details

Text messaging initially supported only text content. Consequently, businesses had to include a web link to deliver other types of content. Additional website integration and new web page development to support web links added a lot of additional expense and time. In contrast, with MMS, you simply attach a file to any text message and send it to one or more recipients. And there’s no extra charge for enabling MMS.

Today the industry permits MMS on business and home landline numbers, and mobile numbers. The SMS industry working-group has not yet approved sending MMS from toll-free numbers. In the meantime, the working-group is considering allowing MMS from toll-free numbers in the future.

Find Out More

Get more information about what MessagePro Office can do for your business.  FREE TRIAL here: https://www.messagepro.com/products/office/.

Business owners, managers, VARS, and Resellers interested in learning more about how to use MMS messaging, please get in touch with us at https://www.messagepro.com/contact-us/.  We are eager to discuss your needs!

Sunflower Home Health Care Deploys Full Suite of MessagePro Services

Sunflower Home Health and MessagePro are pleased to announce the full deployment of MessagePro services. The northern-Mississippi home healthcare agency employs more than 75 staff in six offices. Because Sunflower provides support and care for nearly 800 patients, staff must interact with multiple hospitals and medical offices in its territory daily.

HIPAA and Staff Communications

Sunflower personnel visit 200 to 400 patients on a typical workday. MessagePro Secure satisfies Sunflower’s HIPAA compliance needs when staff consult with other Sunflower personnel on patient care matters. Likewise, MessagePro secures shared trip reports and other health information. Secure access among Sunflower staff via smart phones, tablets, and personal computers makes communications simpler. And, MessagePro Secure insures HIPAA-compliance for all interactions.

MessagePro Secure also provides instant video and audio chat services among staff members—extremely useful for consultations among staff regarding patient conditions or schedule changes.

Care Manager

MessagePro Care Manager also differentiates Sunflower’s service from that of its competitors. Care Manager uses scripts to check-in with patients when they need additional monitoring, or on days when a nurse is not scheduled to visit.

MessagePro Office

Sunflower Home Health deployed MessagePro Office to connect with patients for non-HIPAA matters,  job applicants, and other health care professionals. MessagePro Office supports both SMS and MMS messages (MMS provides a means to send and receive pictures, documents, videos, and other supported file types). Because texting is typically much more convenient and faster than a telephone call, staff have more time to spend with their patients.

MessagePro Fax

Sunflower and other home health care agencies continue to use fax extensively. MessagePro Fax is coming soon, providing cloud fax services supporting all six offices. Sunflower employees can view Faxes on their PCs, smart phones or tablets.  Furthermore, all faxes are stored in the cloud.  Fax files can also be imported into Sunflower’s management system.

MessagePro Care Manager for Health Care Organizations

Simple, Powerful, Easy to Deploy Telehealth Solutions

MessagePro announces the immediate availability of Care Manager, a cloud-based solution addressing the need to monitor patients outside of care facilities. Calls or texts to patients are made on a prearranged schedule.

Care Manager includes a pre-populated library of scripts. Also, healthcare organizations may customize their own scripts with MessagePro support (one time fee required, typically about $500).

Care management staff, doctors, or nurses can easily set up and modify patient monitoring.  Simply log in to the Care Manager application from any device, including PCs, smartphones, or tablets.

Automation that works for Patients and Healthcare Staff

Our automation uses an interactive process—it asks questions, captures replies, and instantly analyzes the responses based on a healthcare organization’s rules. The Care Manager application sends instant alerts from patients to care managers, or to the organization’s office. Likewise, Care Manager instantly connects patients with an applicable resource when requested. It’s easy to schedule check-in calls or texts in one sitting to cover days of the week, frequency per day, and end date. Modify schedules at any time to accommodate a patient’s request.

Nurses can also set up simple reminders for confirming in-home visits, taking medications, or other activities requiring a schedule.  Messages are sent via automated phone calls or text.

Patients Love Care Manager

Patient response is surprisingly positive—more than 90% credit the health care system for checking on their progress. The interactions with Care Manager reassures patients, even on days when a home healthcare worker does not visit. Many conditions have a high risk of re-admission. And although problems still occur with patients, the automated interactions help discover problems early enough to avoid 911 calls or a hospital re-admission. Above all, most problems are resolved with a visit to a doctor’s office if discovered early enough.

Elderly Clients Don’t Need Special Equipment

Unlike other telehealth solutions, MessagePro Care Manager works well with the elderly and relies on the equipment and services they already use (home phone, cell phone). If a message goes answered, care managers simply set up MessagePro to retry. Additionally, MessagePro Care Manager reports an 80% or higher response rate to its messaging campaigns.


Pricing is simple: unlimited messaging to any patient for $3 per month. One of the country’s largest insurers and home health care nursing companies uses MessagePro Care Manager today. Medical practices with value-based care models will recognize huge benefits in adopting MessagePro Care Manager.


MessagePro’s staff assists each healthcare organization with initial patient set up and script selections. We also provide training webinars at no charge. Furthermore, free recorded videos provide additional set up flexibility. Because Care Manager is so intuitive, little training or set up is necessary, and, care managers, nurses, and doctors instantly recognize the benefits. We always welcome and appreciate our customers’ feedback, which we use to continually improve the service.

Reporting and Privacy

MessagePro Care Manager provides comprehensive reporting and logging in real time. Additionally, the product segments reports by patient, doctor, and facility (standard options). Home health care agencies tell us Care Manager reports provide them with a powerful sales tool. Demonstrating value by improving patient care beyond in-person visits results in more referrals. Nurses also appreciate not having to share their personal cell phone numbers with patients. Most noteworthy, patient interactions are scheduled for the convenience of the patients and not the availability of staff.

For more information visit https://www.messagepro.com/products/care-manager/


MessagePro Announces Secure Messaging

Essential in many industries, including Health Care and Professional Services


Messaging has replaced the phone call as the most preferred form of communications for consumers and businesses alike. As a result, message volumes have skyrocketed in the last several years—and not just among the young.  Even baby boomers 55 and over average 15 or more messages per day.

Privacy and Security

Unfortunately, SMS and MMS messages sent via mobile phone are not encrypted. Consequently, government, health care, and other industries using mobile phone messaging are prime targets for hackers. Using snooping equipment to spoof the nearest cell phone tower, hackers gain complete access to private SMS and MMS content. Because hackers typically pass all intercepted traffic through to the tower, the victim is completely unaware his text and content have been compromised.

Message Encryption

First of all, MessagePro Secure can protect your organization from these risks. Users need only download the MessagePro Secure application, or log into the MessagePro Secure web site. Because MessagePro Secure encrypts all messages, your content remains private. Furthermore, MessagePro automatically encrypts attached files, topic-specific group chats, one-on-one chats, videos, and live audio communications.

HIPAA Compliance

Typically heavy users of messaging, medical personnel are subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  HIPAA regulations impose stringent requirements on the types of medical information personnel may share using unsecured communications services. Consequently, a simple message can violate HIPAA guidelines, subjecting users to significant liability. Fortunately, MessagePro Secure encrypts every message, insuring HIPAA compliance.


MessagePro is simple to deploy. Because the service is intuitive, most users don’t require training (help is available). Users may download an iOS or Android application (MessagePro Secure). Using a browser, the administrator sets up a directory with a shared contact list. Also, MessagePro includes great reporting, logging, and search functions. Pricing starts at $7.95 per month for smaller teams with volume pricing discounts available. Finally, setup is almost instant—users simply receive an e-mail with credentials.