In the ongoing fight against all forms of SPAM communications (email, robocalls, and Spam SMS), mobile carriers and the FTC have created several new rules and fees associated with sending text messages from text-enabled local telephone numbers. The technical term for this is A-to-P using 10DLC.

A-to-P means using a service or application like MessagePro Office to send text messages.

10DLC means 10-Digit-Long-Code, which is just a technical term for a 10 Digit Local Number. This applies to 10 Digit Local Numbers, not Toll-Free Numbers.

What this means to you

  1. In order to continue to send text messages from your text-enabled 10DLC Number, you must register your business and the associated numbers using the form found here.  You must register your business using the EIN that is on file with the IRS.
  2. There are some new fees associated with this registration that MessasgePro is now required to collect and forward to the appropriate regulatory agency.

More Details

First, the good news:

If you are using only toll-free numbers to send your text messages through MessagePro office, this DOES NOT AFFECT YOU.

If you wish to convert your current account to use only toll-free numbers and avoid these new fees, please email us at mp-support@messagepro.com. We have staff standing by to expedite those changes.

Now for the bad news:

If you intend to continue sending text messages using your text-enabled local number through MessagePro Office, you must:


  • This is a single registration for your entire account, independent of the number of users or 10DLC Numbers you have in the account. This MUST BE DONE BY FEBRUARY 23rd at 5 PM Eastern. Otherwise, your account will be suspended, and reactivating will require a $75 fee.
  • Once you register, your ability to text to most mobile numbers will be restored. However, Reactivating after 2/23 will require a $75 fee.

There are fees associated with this change:

  • $4 one-time activation fee per account. Again, this is a one-time fee for your entire account, independent of the number of users or 10DLC Numbers you have in the account.
  • $2 per month for accounts with five or fewer 10DLC numbers.
  • $10 per month for accounts with more than five 10DLC numbers.

Once you have completed the form, we will email you to let you know when your account has been converted and when the new fees will take effect.

If you have any questions, please email us at mp-support@messagepro.com

We apologize for any inconvenience or concern that this has caused.