MessagePro For Recruiting And Personnel Businesses

  • Send and receive text messages just like email with your office phone numbers! 
  • Recruiters can directly text prospects with MessagePro Office installed on a PC, tablet, or mobile phone
  • Complete logging of all interactions included
  • Texting works well for organizations interacting remotely with the employers and employees they serve
  • HR businesses frequently FAX forms and signature pages. Get the solution set you need whether your organization is an infrequent or heavy fax user
  • Small firms, small offices, or, businesses with home-based staff can integrate MessagePro GoSolo into an existing office phone system or replace the entire system

Featured Product:  MessagePro Office

Text-enable your business phone numbers and open a new communications channel for customers, prospects. Take advantage of the growing popularity of text messaging. Send and receive SMS/MMS (text pictures, video, documents) using MessagePro Office from any PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone! Studies show that 95% of people read text messages within 15 minutes of receipt, making MessagePro a game-changer for any organization. Additional features include logging, reporting, and, automatic replies. Amazingly inexpensive! Click here for free trial, more information, and pricing.

Sandra Lucinda

Office Administrator, PEO

Our firm serves employees in multiple states and texting is the quickest and most reliable way to interact with our clients. Inexpensive and much more efficient.


  • MessagePro Office
  • MessagePro GoSolo
  • MessagePro Fax

Product description

Text enable phone numbers, easily connect to Patients & Colleagues

Complete Cloud-Based Hosted Phone System

Cloud-based Fax service

All services are cloud-based and require no hardware or change in existing service configurations (except for fax). Ask for a custom quote and discuss your needs directly with MessagePro sales staff.

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