MessagePro For Schools And Campuses

Use texting to communicate with students and parents and log 100% of all the traffic

Teachers and staff can use school phone numbers and have an app and log in to use from any of their devices from anywhere

MMS (documents and picture) can be easily sent and received

Use lists to contact groups

Great logging and reporting

Instantly search all text messages for content (administrators)

Secure Messaging app can be used for staff communications and EMERGENCY ALERT capabilities

Featured Product:  MessagePro Office

Texting is the most used and rapidly growing communications service in the world. Almost everyone prefers texting over voice for simple issues and notifications. Authorized users can log in from anywhere, and use any connected device to read and send individual and group sms messages. MessagePro Office even includes customizable auto-reply functionality for when your office is closed.

Director of Security

Our schools do have online portals to allow parents to access teachers and monitor student performance but texting offers easy outbound communications and reaches many more parents than e-mail. It’s also great for time sensitive messages---text messages are answered within 15 minutes more than 90% of the time. There are issues today with teachers texting on their personal cell phones that MessagePro addresses completely We also get our entire staff on MessagePro Campus, a secure messaging application that also includes great security features including instant alerts in emergency situation to select staff members or the entire staff.


  • MessagePro Office
  • MessagePro Campus
  • MessagePro Care Manager

Product description

Text enable phone numbers, easily connect to Patients & Colleagues

Secure staff messaging plus emrgency alerts

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All services cloud-based and require no hardware or change in existing service configurations (except for fax). Ask for a custom quote and discuss your needs directly with MessagePro sales staff.

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