Secure Messaging Plus Instant Alerts and Immediate Connection to 911


The MessagePro platform and set of services is increasingly used to meet multiple needs and the introduction of MessagePro Campus is an example of this capability.   School staffs need secure messaging that is available on PCs and mobile devices to quickly share information running the day to day operations.  MessagePro Secure ideally fit those needs.


Schools and campuses of all types are also focused on improving security and involving the entire staff in those initiatives.   MessagePro development professionals in discussions with school administrators determined that an adaption of MessagePro Secure could be an important part of those efforts.   Leveraging the observation that staff members always have their phones in their pockets and leveraging the MessagePro Secure applications with its instant group messaging, video capabilities, and integration with iOS and Android systems and the wireless carriers and government 911 systems provided a unique means of improving security and notifications of possible issues.


MessagePro Secure includes channels or groups of recipients.  A channel can be a group of people or the entire group.  The deployed solution includes 4 default levels of emergency alerts.   A “alert” button is placed on every screen of MessagePro Secure.  If clicked, the user then selects from any of the four options (there are 10 possible alert conditions permitted in the software).   Certain channels are assigned to each alert.  A message box for more information is also included.   The concept is for each staff member to report anything of interest—there is a reluctance to connect with 911 unless there is a high degree of certainty of risk.


Most importantly, the emergency alert instantly sends a message to all staff along with the sender note (if there is time to do so) and the app then calls 911 after the user hits a single button to confirm the call.  Compared to today when a staff member calls 911, the benefit of this approach is all school staff instantly gets the message.


Unlike fire alarms or other techniques, the sender of an alert is logged by the system and identified when the messages are sent to the other staff of the alarm condition.  The dangerous person or persons may not know they have been identified compared to a PA announcement, horn, or fire alarm notification.  If the sender can include a note, that information can also be invaluable for escape plans.


While schools and other campus or church environments are studying and deploying securing improvements of all kinds, including physical reconfiguration of campuses, the MessagePro Campus solution can be deployed today at a very low cost.   MessagePro Campus includes MessagePro Secure which also address the secure messaging needs of a staff.


Administrators can insure that staff members have the application installed and open on their phones with scheduled reports to insure users participate in the program.


Interested organizations should call, e-mail, or text MessagePro for more information and a free quote. Pricing is $7.95 per user per month for smaller facilities and volume discounts and annual plans are available.


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