Business texting brings a significant improvement to any business’ or organization’s communications capabilities. MessagePro announces the immediate availability of a powerful new range of SMS automation tools for its flagship MessagePro Office service, allowing almost any local or 800 number to be text enabled.

Each phone number in the MessagePro Office service has its own inbox. Staff have the option to use the MessagePro web interface, or an Android or iOS mobile device application to send and receive text messages. Furthermore, users may import contacts and create lists. MessagePro Office offers a complete business texting solution, including reports, logs, and search capabilities. As a result, MessagePro makes texting work like email.


First of all, administrators configure and enable the SMS automation features by account. Most organizations find the automation features add great value. Here’s what’s included:

  • Send auto-replies based on time of day or day of the week (office closed for example)
  • Similarly, response Templates enable users to select from a list of standard responses for common inquiries.
  • Also, keywords allow for the deployment of completely automated customer interactions (Bots) using MessagePro.
    • Set up a keyword and invite users to send that keyword to your MessagePro number.
    • When MessagePro receives a keyword (say, “info”), it will send a pre-configured, automatic response. For example, the response might be an MMS message containing the menu from a restaurant, or a map to a specific location.
    • Use a keyword to set up a chain of possible interactions. For example, the keyword “info” results in the the sender receiving a listing of all possible keywords.
  • Most noteworthy, over 70% of consumers surveyed strongly preferred to use texting over calling a company’s interactive voice response unit, or talking with a live person. Automation adds real value to your support and sales processes.

MessagePro staff is available to show users how to set up automations and discuss the best approach for your organization.

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