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MessagePro announces the immediate availability of Care Manager, a cloud-based solution addressing the need to monitor patients outside of care facilities. Calls or texts to patients are made on a prearranged schedule.

Care Manager includes a pre-populated library of scripts. Also, healthcare organizations may customize their own scripts with MessagePro support (one time fee required, typically about $500).

Care management staff, doctors, or nurses can easily set up and modify patient monitoring.  Simply log in to the Care Manager application from any device, including PCs, smartphones, or tablets.

Automation that works for Patients and Healthcare Staff

Our automation uses an interactive process—it asks questions, captures replies, and instantly analyzes the responses based on a healthcare organization’s rules. The Care Manager application sends instant alerts from patients to care managers, or to the organization’s office. Likewise, Care Manager instantly connects patients with an applicable resource when requested. It’s easy to schedule check-in calls or texts in one sitting to cover days of the week, frequency per day, and end date. Modify schedules at any time to accommodate a patient’s request.

Nurses can also set up simple reminders for confirming in-home visits, taking medications, or other activities requiring a schedule.  Messages are sent via automated phone calls or text.

Patients Love Care Manager

Patient response is surprisingly positive—more than 90% credit the health care system for checking on their progress. The interactions with Care Manager reassures patients, even on days when a home healthcare worker does not visit. Many conditions have a high risk of re-admission. And although problems still occur with patients, the automated interactions help discover problems early enough to avoid 911 calls or a hospital re-admission. Above all, most problems are resolved with a visit to a doctor’s office if discovered early enough.

Elderly Clients Don’t Need Special Equipment

Unlike other telehealth solutions, MessagePro Care Manager works well with the elderly and relies on the equipment and services they already use (home phone, cell phone). If a message goes answered, care managers simply set up MessagePro to retry. Additionally, MessagePro Care Manager reports an 80% or higher response rate to its messaging campaigns.


Pricing is simple: unlimited messaging to any patient for $3 per month. One of the country’s largest insurers and home health care nursing companies uses MessagePro Care Manager today. Medical practices with value-based care models will recognize huge benefits in adopting MessagePro Care Manager.


MessagePro’s staff assists each healthcare organization with initial patient set up and script selections. We also provide training webinars at no charge. Furthermore, free recorded videos provide additional set up flexibility. Because Care Manager is so intuitive, little training or set up is necessary, and, care managers, nurses, and doctors instantly recognize the benefits. We always welcome and appreciate our customers’ feedback, which we use to continually improve the service.

Reporting and Privacy

MessagePro Care Manager provides comprehensive reporting and logging in real time. Additionally, the product segments reports by patient, doctor, and facility (standard options). Home health care agencies tell us Care Manager reports provide them with a powerful sales tool. Demonstrating value by improving patient care beyond in-person visits results in more referrals. Nurses also appreciate not having to share their personal cell phone numbers with patients. Most noteworthy, patient interactions are scheduled for the convenience of the patients and not the availability of staff.

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