Sunflower Home Health and MessagePro are pleased to announce the full deployment of MessagePro services. The northern-Mississippi home healthcare agency employs more than 75 staff in six offices. Because Sunflower provides support and care for nearly 800 patients, staff must interact with multiple hospitals and medical offices in its territory daily.

HIPAA and Staff Communications

Sunflower personnel visit 200 to 400 patients on a typical workday. MessagePro Secure satisfies Sunflower’s HIPAA compliance needs when staff consult with other Sunflower personnel on patient care matters. Likewise, MessagePro secures shared trip reports and other health information. Secure access among Sunflower staff via smart phones, tablets, and personal computers makes communications simpler. And, MessagePro Secure insures HIPAA-compliance for all interactions.

MessagePro Secure also provides instant video and audio chat services among staff members—extremely useful for consultations among staff regarding patient conditions or schedule changes.

Care Manager

MessagePro Care Manager also differentiates Sunflower’s service from that of its competitors. Care Manager uses scripts to check-in with patients when they need additional monitoring, or on days when a nurse is not scheduled to visit.

MessagePro Office

Sunflower Home Health deployed MessagePro Office to connect with patients for non-HIPAA matters,  job applicants, and other health care professionals. MessagePro Office supports both SMS and MMS messages (MMS provides a means to send and receive pictures, documents, videos, and other supported file types). Because texting is typically much more convenient and faster than a telephone call, staff have more time to spend with their patients.

MessagePro Fax

Sunflower and other home health care agencies continue to use fax extensively. MessagePro Fax is coming soon, providing cloud fax services supporting all six offices. Sunflower employees can view Faxes on their PCs, smart phones or tablets.  Furthermore, all faxes are stored in the cloud.  Fax files can also be imported into Sunflower’s management system.

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