MessagePro announces the immediate availability of MMS messaging. Easily send and receive documents, pictures, videos, and more, via text message.

MMS Messaging Improves Business Processes

MessagePro MMS is a game-changer for business sales and operations. Our intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to attach photos, videos, or almost any type of document to your text messages. In short, MessagePro helps improve your efficiency and provides documentation for your business.

Take this example of a construction firm that sends job-site photos via MMS to their home office at the start and end of day. Using MessagePro, their staff easily imports the photos into their job tracking system. Similarly, a restaurant sends coupons, menus, or specials via MMS to attract new customers. Likewise, realtors use MMS to instantly and automatically reply to clients’ text inquiries with property summaries.

MessagePro Office includes intuitive user interfaces for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Use the MessagePro Office application to send and receive SMS or MMS messages with your business or residential phone numbers.

Other Improvements And Details

Text messaging initially supported only text content. Consequently, businesses had to include a web link to deliver other types of content. Additional website integration and new web page development to support web links added a lot of additional expense and time. In contrast, with MMS, you simply attach a file to any text message and send it to one or more recipients. And there’s no extra charge for enabling MMS.

Today the industry permits MMS on business and home landline numbers, and mobile numbers. The SMS industry working-group has not yet approved sending MMS from toll-free numbers. In the meantime, the working-group is considering allowing MMS from toll-free numbers in the future.

Find Out More

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